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This Episode’s Winner…

…is undoubtedly Bernie Sanders.  If you haven’t seen it, this is a must and it is very brief.  When Bernie Sanders is asked by a reporter from Univision, the Spanish language television channel, to explain the failure of socialism in Argentina, Brazil and Venezuela, his answer was that he was too focussed on running for the presidency of America to answer.  Too focussed on turning America into Venezuela to have an opinion.

As one blogger pointed out, what is really horrifying is that this is the first time that Sanders has been asked this obvious question.  While he continues to spout nonsense about the success of democratic socialism in Scandinavia, he has never before been asked to explain the manifest failures of his worldview in Latin America (or pre-Thatcher England, or Trudeau The First’s Canada, or most of Europe, etc., etc., etc.).


Good Article on Gary Johnson

The New Yorker has run a good and rather sympathetic article on Gary Johnson, the Libertarian Party candidate for presidency.  It looks like Johnson is getting better at this media stuff.  Just in time if he does get onto the debate stage.

Here is the link.

Clinton vs. Trump: Who’s Worse?

Since a lot of people are asking themselves this question these days, I would like to contribute these thoughts from some libertarian luminaries, including humourist David Berry and magician/humourist Penn Jillette.  Here is a typical comment (this time from Jillette):

For many years I have believed two things about presidential politics: 1. Every major-party candidate was smarter than me. 2. There is no one worse than Hillary Clinton.

I have been proven wrong on both of these this year.

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