Packing Up

Nov. 1, 2017 by

Dear Readers: I am moving back to the States this month, ending my long sojourn in Europe.  This is very much a bittersweet experience for me.  It also means that

Predictions and a Lightning Round

Oct. 14, 2017 by

I have been in a funk lately, which is probably the natural state of anyone who follows the news these days.  Hence, the lack of blog production.  This is also

What Caused the Financial Crisis?

Jan. 15, 2017 by

(Dear Reader: This post is in response to requests that we have received from some of my younger readers to summarize my views on the causes of the financial crisis

A Disaster Waiting to Happen – Letter to the Editor

Dec. 19, 2016 by

A disaster waiting to happen. Regarding “Era of Low Interest Rates Hammers Millions of Pensions Around World” by  Timothy W. Martin, Georgi Kantchev and Kosaku Narioka (Nov. 13th): Considering that

Finger Exercises (Part Three)

Oct. 11, 2016 by

This will be the last of these “catch up” postings featuring drive-by comments on multiple issues.  After this, I will return to my normal format. Car Crash My girlfriend is

And Then…Depression Set In

Aug. 14, 2016 by

This title, a quote from the Bill Murray character in Stripes after a particularly rough day, continues the upbeat tone of my last blog.  If you read the news, then

Obscure Public Enemies

Jul. 3, 2016 by

I would like to introduce a new periodic feature of this blog, the OPE (Obscure Public Enemy) [1].  This will highlight a little known person whose quiet influence is matched

Bankruptcy Law: Another Government Failure

Jun. 12, 2016 by

There is a lively blame game relating to the great financial crisis (GFC).  The Left likes to blame it on deregulation (especially the partial repeal of Glass-Steagall) and greed.  The

What Could Possibly Go Wrong?

Jun. 8, 2016 by

The Wall Street Journal and BloombergView have just run articles on the shadow banking system in China.  This has put me in a nostalgic mood. About 35 years ago when I

China Innovates: A New Way to Lie with Numbers

Mar. 26, 2016 by

The Wall Street Journal has just run an article about the latest data manipulation coming out of China. China is experiencing strong currency outflows.   This is a combination of “hot