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The Real Stupid Party

We have all heard it.  The Republicans are the stupid party. Truth be told, there is a fair amount of support for this.  Certainly, the evangelical Christian wing of the party is not an IQ enhancer.  And the nomination and subsequent … Continue reading

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Paris Attacks: A Quick Question

I have been following a lot of the reporting on the attacks in Paris.  One question that I haven’t seen raised (but maybe I just missed it): The attackers at the Bataclan concert venue entered the building and starting firing … Continue reading

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Ferguson, Paris and the Reality of Numbers

I would like to talk today about one of the trickiest topics our society faces.  One that touches on a number of sensitive subjects, such as race and religion, and on the rights of individuals, groups and society.  But now … Continue reading

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Some More Short Takes

Your Education Dollars At Work Bloomberg has an article on how some state university systems have been wisely spending your tax and tuition dollars. Since 2012, California schools have spent $7.5 million in speaker fees and Florida schools have spent … Continue reading

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