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Where’s The Outrage?

Whenever a failed CEO is fired with a cushy payoff, the outrage is swift and voluminous.  The liberal press usually misrepresents this as a hypocritical “jobs for the boys” program within the capitalist class.  In reality, the payoffs are almost always … Continue reading

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When Dogs Catch Cars

It is clear that we can add Senator Chuck Schumer to the list of secret readers of The Economic Man Blog.[1]  Talking about the Republicans and their pledge to repeal Obamacare, he referred to them as “the dog who (sic) … Continue reading

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A Curate’s Egg (Part One)

The English use our shared language better than we do.  They have had more practice.  This includes their expressions, one of which is the title of this post.  It means “something that is good in parts.”  Now, why the breakfast … Continue reading

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PC and the Election: The Left Catches a Whiff of the Coffee

I started commenting that the social justice warriors and their PC nonsense were enabling Donald Trump almost a year before the election in this blog.  Here are some of the words I used: I have frequently written about the “law … Continue reading

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The Real Stupid Party

We have all heard it.  The Republicans are the stupid party. Truth be told, there is a fair amount of support for this.  Certainly, the evangelical Christian wing of the party is not an IQ enhancer.  And the nomination and subsequent … Continue reading

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Sweet Nothings

Maybe I am becoming jaded, but nothing that I have read, seen or heard recently has filled me with sufficient horror to prompt a full blog.  But here are short comments on some minor outrages against common sense and decency.  … Continue reading

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Reflection on an Election

(I apologize in advance if some of these paragraphs run on.  My limited computer skills do not allow me to put divided paragraphs in bullet points.) In no particular order, here are my thoughts: The greatest irony of the election … Continue reading

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Fantasy Debate (The Third Debate)

I said that I would follow up the third presidential debate with another Fantasy Debate.  I even planned this time to feature “Pseudo Johnson” as the sane participant.  But after reading the transcript and seeing how little substance was covered, … Continue reading

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Fantasy Debate (The Second Debate)

The most frustrating thing about watching the debates is wishing that Economic Man were on the stage.  I have made this request to the Commission on Presidential Debates.  They have responded in a letter that included the words “snowball,” “chance” … Continue reading

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Finger Exercises (Part Three)

This will be the last of these “catch up” postings featuring drive-by comments on multiple issues.  After this, I will return to my normal format. Car Crash My girlfriend is threatening to stop talking to me until after November 8th.  … Continue reading

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